Systems & Server Management

Managing critical business systems and servers can be time consuming and often overwhelming. Our team of dedicated technicians can compliment your existing solution by providing additional support and consultancy when required. We can also assist by overseeing installations of critical business systems and software to ensure that your operation is running correctly and fully optimised. One of our key services is to analyse your current systems and server hardware, clarifying that the solution you have in place is up to the job. Think of us as a fresh set of eyes that can provide an in-depth opinion on what matters most, which is the stability and health of your IT infrastructure..


Management Services

  • Server virtualisation, cloning and configuration coupled with administration.

  • Server health checks, security structuring, group policy and configuration.

  • Cloud hosting, Office 365, spam filtering & backup solutions.

  • Remote system monitoring and alert notification.

  • SQL administration, optimisation & structuring.

  • SharePoint implementation, design, branding, workflow & corporate configuration.

  • Hardware analysis and optimisation.

  • Exchange structuring, security, management & implementation.

  • CRM and Accounts system implementation, report design and security structuring.

  • Operating system integrity checks and health analysis.

  • Steam server engine customisation, system configuration & support.

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Our MCITP trained technicians can take onboard your IT infrastructure challenges and deal with any uncertainty or concerns you have. Our methodical work ethics provides our customers with a reliable and secure way of independently knowing how sound your operation is or could be?

  • Operating Systems

Having a solid and robust Operating System is vital for the technical foundations of your business. Becoming complacent and over reliant on your operating systems health and integrity can be a fatal flaw. Regular analysis and critical health checks on this fundamental part of your business will give your business a huge return of investment for the long term.

  • Business Systems

Every business has at least one or more systems that are the backbone of your operation. Ensuring these key systems are in prime condition is critical for everyday use. With the right care and attention you can protect these systems and the vital data they hold, preventing corruption and decay that may occur is left unmanaged for long periods of time?

  • Administration

Combining both systems and servers into a manageable bundle can be achievable with our guidance and support. Our skilled team can manage your systems fluently, identifying problems early and finding the correct solution to prevent any downtime and financial loss to your business.