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The iOpen Solutions team immerse themselves in your world so that we fully understand your train of thought, your business model and where you ought to be in your sector. No matter how big or small your company is, we will work in partnership to develop your vision and transform it into reality using the decades or experience we possess. Our drive is to progress your businesses into the way you visualise it, enhancing the key elements that make your business tick.

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Our consultancy services can provide you with professional expertise in all technical areas. We are effective at what we do and can guarantee that we will identify ways to improve your business.

We are a one-stop shop for specialist technical solutions and guidance, which can enhance your business presence substantially. Our goal is to ensure that we help you grow and prosper in your business sector.

iOpen consultancy has helped numerous companies of all sizes. We can develop your technical infrastructure in its entirety using our knowledge and skill sets, which inevitably will reward you with a healthy return of investment.

We have included several business case studies (below) based on the consultancy work we have provided a few of our customers.

Lloyd's of London

A Lloyd’s brokerage firm in London required a solution to push their fast growing business from seven staff to twenty-four staff whilst migrating to larger premises. The firm’s only requirement was zero downtime during the week along with a seamless migration of their systems and data from Microsoft Small Business server to a virtual environment. The iOpen Solutions team provided a realistic timeframe and upheld project deadlines to achieve a fluid working environment, which was operational as per the brief in less than three weeks. Due to the success of the consultancy and overall project, the company plan to increase their staffing levels, which we initially scoped for.

Art Gallery

A gallery with several hundred pieces of artwork had a requirement to index their stock with over a thousand high-res photographic images. Their key requirement was to have the ability to edit and store these images securely coupled with super fast access for customers.Utilising several types of software and editing tools the gallery staff were able to archive and manipulate copies of images whilst retaining the master copies securely. A very high specification solid-state drive server was installed to provide the gallery with super fast access on their LAN coupled with a reliable and secure viewing solution online.


Property Agent

A small independent chain of estate agents in Surrey had a requirement to replace all their computers for five shops, which we built, supplied and installed. Under our guidance, we suggested that they utilise the redundant computers by upgrading five of them using the parts from the left over computers. We then supplied five 40" displays and designed a flash presentation suited to their business. This included key business information along with their property listings, which was later displayed in their shop window. Two months later, we received a call stating that their sales had actually increased by 8% since implementing this simple strategy