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Data, in all its formats, is the most valuable asset you have right now which is vital for you personally and for your business. How do you guarantee that your data is safe, secure and recoverable? Nearly 76% of people and business owners who we asked this question to did not know, which is a shocking statistic. Prevention and forward thinking is our philosophy and as such, we now provide several important services for our customers to safeguard their data from every eventuality.

Protect your data today as it might be gone tomorrow?

If you have any doubts regarding the condition of your data and would simply like to find out whether your current solution in right for you. Simply call us on 020 3290 9330 and let us provide free guidance in this area. Alternatively you could use the form below so we can get a head start on your enquiry.

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Viruses are the biggest cause of damage to operating systems and loss of data. Worse still, viruses can leave you open to attack or leak personal or business information to cyber criminals. The financial costs for a business or a home user’s data is astronomical, which could have been prevented. iOpen can analyse and cleanse your data of any harmful infection and malware quickly and professionally.

Data security is also one of the key threats to businesses. For example, who has access to your secure data from within your organisation and are they taking copies away on their USB stick or emailing data out. Can your data be accessed from external sources? iOpen can analyse and secure your business data from exploitation. We provide an in-depth strategy to close of these loopholes permanently.

A lot of businesses and home users feel secure knowing that their data is recoverable in some way...wrong. Nearly 47% of businesses and 86% of home user's data is not recoverable because of a poor backup solution. We can recover lost data with an 89% success rate, and can implement a solution to prevent this ever happening again. Your data is too valuable to lose and we eliminate these risks with our solid and reliable recovery solution.

Our team can check & scan your data thoroughly for threats and anomalies that might be hidden from commercial detection software methods. This could be on removable media, your computer, business server or any network storage device. Once detected, we will then isolate and quarantine any suspect files, followed by several data sweeps and visual checks to ensure your data is cleansed free from any potential threats, unwanted software, or data trash.