Custom Computers

iOpen solutions design and build custom computers for business and home use that surpass any off the shelve branded devices. What makes our computers special is the fact that we only use specific top quality components that we test and use ourselves. They are built to last and out perform any standard pc on the market. Currently we have three standard designs that can be tailor made to suit the type of user you are and what you need it to do. All our computers come with a 1 year parts warranty and 1 month free technical support as a courtesy.

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Built to run applications at lightning speed. A precision computer that will boost your business workflow and production.
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Professional PC

A great all rounder that will run everything fast and effectively. Applications and games will run smoothly and flawlessly.
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Gaming PC

The ultimate gaming computer, liquid cooled to run anything you put in front of it. Seemless and flawless performance.
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  • Tailor Made

Each computer is tailor made to suit the business or the person using it. We will basically discuss what you require your computer to do and base the build on your ideas along with our suggestions. This can include components, case type, colour, lighting effects and general customisation. With each purchase you are making a sound investment in a device that will out perform a majority of the branded computers on the market. We build them with the best components that will last years, which will give you confidence in you computer.

iOpen Solutions Custom Professional PC Video
iOpen Solutions Custom Business PC Video

  • What do you get?

With each purchase you will not only receive a great computer, you will receive a 1 year warranty and 1 month free remote technical support, which entitles you to 2 x 30 minute sessions free of charge. This entitlement is only valid in the first month of purchase. You will also receive booklets on each component installed along with a test report. There is also free delivery on every purchase.

  • Windows Installation

Each device is without an operating system as standard, however, if you would like Windows or the Steam operating system installed, then please notify us before purchase. To install Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit, or Windows 8 64 bit, there will be an additional £75 fee added to your purchase.

  • Guarantees

All of our computer build services are guaranteed to be carried out professional and safely. All components or upgrades are covered with a 1 year component return policy if the item fails. We will arrange collection, repair and re-delivery at no expense to you.

Terms and Condition

With each purchase there is a 1 year warranty which entitles you to return the device in the event of a component failure or power failure. If your computer has been opened or either seal has been broken, then you warranty is null and void. If you return the item and either seal has been broken, then the device will be held until all pickup and delivery charges are fully paid at your expense, prior to the device being returned to you. The computer case is not covered under any warranty, any damage to your case is your responsibility. Operating systems and software is not covered by our warranty or our responsibility, so please ensure a full backup is taken prior to a warranty return.