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The foundation of any good business is knowing how resilient your technical infrastructure is, coupled with how well your IT realistically performs. A progressive business needs to adapt, grow, and develop so that competitors in the same field are never one step ahead. With this in mind, iOpen Solutions can assist with taking your business forward, making sure that you are on the one ahead of the game. Our strategy is to implement a dynamic approach to your technical environment that will compliment your current IT department or simply fill in the exposed area as and when required.

In summary, we endeavour to supply you with outstanding technical expertise, forward thinking guidance and fantastic customer service.

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technical support

We can provide professional technical expertise for any and all issues you may have with your technical infrastructure, network, servers or computers, whether in the office, at home or when you are away on business. Our hassle free pay as you go support service provides you with an instant affordable alternative. There are no contracts, just a simple and easy solution for your business.


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Remote support

Almost 85% of any technical issues can be resolved remotely. Provided that you have an internet connection, we can solve your problem anywhere in the world. Our remote support service is secure, fast, reliable, and inexpensive. Potentially you could be operational again in minutes.

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onsite support

On occasions, a technical issue will need to be resolved on site, in this extreme, we can arrange for one of our qualified technicians to visit your office and correct the problem or simply provide that personal one to one guidance.

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SYSTEMS management

The drive for every business is to ensure that business systems work continuously and problem free. This is not always the case, and often your key systems are being overlooked for potential issues that could have been prevented. Our Microsoft system specialist knows the signs of failing or problematic systems and can assist to remove these potential issues before they happen.

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It can be very confusing when your business expands and reaches those key decision points that dictate how technology can move you forward. With an expansive market, making the correct decision on the right solution for your business is critical for your success. With our extensive knowledge and pedigree, we have an educated grip on the direction you may wish to take so that your business can flourish and prosper.

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DATA Security

Your data is the most valuable part of your business, without it you don't have one. Now ask yourself how secure is your data, often business owners can not answer this question and amazingly most in-house IT staff can not either? Our analysts can gain the facts quickly and effectively, so that you aware of your vulnerabilities.

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The development team are very experienced in developing dynamic Word press websites for our customers. With a quick turnaround, your business could soon be part of the interactive designs that could boost your business and project the right image for your company.

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Our design team can reproduce or generate professional new concept designs or documents unique to your business. Project the right image from the start whilst keeping consistency throughout your business.

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75% of all businesses over pay for printing by signing the wrong type of contract and leasing the wrong print devices. We can provide you with a professional solution to reduce your print per page costs by a significant amount as well as supplying a wide range of leased Canon print devices that are suited to your business. Book an appointment and find out more?

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From secure archiving to vast document management systems, we can supply the right software to bring your paperwork out of the endless binders and into a secure digital format. Your documents can be easily referenced and more importantly ISO compliant from the start.

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network cabling

Cat6 network cabling is the future of businesses that need those blistering network speeds to raise productivity, access data quickly and use modern online media. This inexpensive solution will revolutionise any business quickly and effectively giving you an instant win. Get the true 1Gb network..

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DATA Cleansing

Businesses with infected or bad data can go unnoticed for weeks sometimes years. This significantly puts your business at high risk, potentially leaking your private and confidential data to the world. Our analysts can identify and eradicate this data from desktop devices and networks quickly. Did you know that your virus software never picks up 20% of infected files?

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